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Kickstarter is a small program to lauch indefinitly a program. Can be useful where cron's resolution is not sufficient. Without -f flag the process runs in background (daemon).


Kickstarter v0.4
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  • Unpack the archive: tar xzf kickstarter0.4src.tgz
  • Enter in extracted folder: cd kickstarter0.4src
  • Compile: make
  • Copy the executable in the path: cp ./kickstarter /usr/local/bin/


kickstarter [options] command\n
-h  --help           Display this usage information.
-V  --version        Display version informations.
-v  --verbose        Explain what is being done.
-s  --sleep SEC      Sleep SEC seconds between cycles (default=1)
-d  --directory DIR  Set DIR as working directory (cd)
-f  --foreground     Stay foreground
-p  --savepid FILE   Save pid on FILE

command must include path, with argument must use ""