Storage Control Service
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Service to control freespace on disk, mantain free space in a configurable level.

Works with three thresholds:
  • WARN: do a configurable action (dialog, message, alarm, ecc)
  • FDEL: deletion limit
  • LOWL: dimension to reach after deletion
If define must be LOWL < WARN < FDEL

Threshold unit can be:
  • Total number of file and/or subdiectory
  • Total dimension of controlle folder (Byte,Kbyte,Mbyte,ecc)
  • % of fre space on unit
  • Max age of files and/or subdirs (in this case LOWL is not used because all that exeeds is deleted)

Can work with a config file or wih command line parameters. Command line parameters overwrites config file values. Does not implements loop. Therefore you must use cron os similar.


Stocs v1.2
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Installation example

  • Copy stocs in /usr/local/bin
  • Copy stocs.conf in /usr/local/etc
  • Add to a cron.hourly (or a crontab):
    /bin/su user -c "/usr/local/bin/stocs \
        -c /usr/local/stc/stocs.conf \
        &> /var/log/stocs.log"
In this case stocs runs every hour, using the configuration in stocs.conf, the output is written to log file /var/log/stocs.log


IMPORTANT NOTE: Stocs deletes files! Testing parameters with the DUMMY (or -t) flag is safety. More safety is run with a user whose rights are the minumum possible.
-V, --version                print version
-h, --help                   print this help
-v, --verbose			print what is going to do
-p, --path CONTROLPATH       path to control, must be a directory
-u, --unitused B|K|M|P|F|D|N|m|h|d|y unit used for limits
               B,K,M=dimension in Byte,Kbytes,MBytes;
               P=% used space on device;
               F,D,N=number of files,dirs,both;
               m,h,d,y=age in min,hours,days,years
-d, --device DEVICE          device to control, mandatory only if unitused is P
-w, --warnlevel WARNLEVEL    warning level
-f, --fdellevel FDELLEVEL    deletion level
-l, --lowllevel LOWLLEVEL    low level to reach when delete
-a, --warnaction WARNACTION  configurable action for warn level
-e, --fdelaction FDELACTION  configurable action for file deletion level
-t, --test                   don't touch filesistem, dummy test only

if there is no configuration file command ends with a -


Stocs is a shell script. Uses BASH builtins and du, df, date, awk, rm.