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Wmcdrom is a dock application for WindowMaker. When launched wmcdrom creates a 48 x 48 pixel showing an icon (centered in a 64 x 64 pixel tile). To dock wmcdrom, left-click on the border of the tile and drag the tile to the dock area.

By clicking the icon you can mount,unmount,eject and launch a filemanager.

  • The first left-click will mount the media.
  • The second left-click will launch a filemanager on the mount point.
  • The first right-click will unmount the media.
  • The second right-click will eject the media (when supported).


wmcdrom-0.6.tar.gz (source)
wmcdrom-0.6.bz2 (binary)
wmcdrom-0.5.tar.bz2 (source)
wmcdrom-0.5.bz2 (binary)
wmcdrom-0.4.tar.bz2 (source)
wmcdrom-0.4.bz2 (binary)


To install wmcdrom:
  • Unpack the archive: tar xjf wmcdrom-0.x.tar.bz2
  • Verify the PREFIX setting in the Makefile. wmcdrom will install to /usr/X11R6/bin
  • Type make
  • As root, type make install
  • Launch wmcdrom and then drag the icon to the dock
You can test wmcdrom before install it by lunching (from source directory):
./wmcdrom -i cd /dev/hdc
(supposing your cdrom device is /dev/hdc)

WARNING: use the same device of your fstab ("less /etc/fstab" to verify)


wmcdrom [-e eject cmd] [-m mount cmd] [-u umount cmd] [-f fileman cmd] [-i cd|dvd|floppy|usb] device

   [-e eject cmd] defaults to /bin/eject
   [-m mount cmd] defaults to /bin/mount
   [-u umount cmd] defaults to /bin/umount
   [-f fileman cmd] defaults to "xterm -e mc /mnt/ &"
   [-i icon_to_use] defaults to cd


wmcdrom needs gdk_pixbuf to run, and Xlib devel-version and gdk_pixbuf devel version to compile.


- v0.5-0.6 (by Mateus Caruccio) - lot of improvements, see changelog in sources
- v0.4 : now filemanager fork
- v0.3 : added visual feedback
- v0.2 by Matteo Lucarelli
- BSD patch for v0.1 by Nedko Arnaudov (download)
- Initial release (v0.1) by Brian Shau (download)