recursive diff frontend
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xRecurseDiff is a small program that can rapidly traverse entire directory trees to show different version of the same files, for example to compare different version of the same project.

For every file in the first directory searches in the second for files having the same name. A report containing results is shown. A detailed diff output can be shown. Search can be case-insensitive and limited by a char filter.

In "library" working mode it compares only files basenames, while in "project" mode it compares relatives paths too. In "files" working mode it compares directly two files.

Starting from v1.4 the two starting paths can be written on command line.

For the diff output xRecurseDiff uses the nice DiffView widget, extracted from flDiff code. Many thanks to Michael Sweet (and to open source philosophy).


main window

main window v1.4

diff output


Download last version from Sourceforge

(*1): Source package includes projects files for Dev-Cpp (win32) and Anjuta (Linux).
(*2): Includes GNU diff for win32 that comes from GNUwin32 project. Last version of this and other GNU tools for windows can be found here.
(*3): Starting from v1.6 the windows package includes the icon (thanks to Antonis Tassis).


Binary need diff command
to compile from sources fltk v1.1.6 library is needed


Note on Windows version

Diff command for windows is available from GnuWin32 (windows port of GNU tools). To install from binary package simply extract the .zip in a appropriate directory (for example C:/Program Files).